A Thread in Mappi Region - Part III...

Penulis: Ratu Atikah, 05 April 2022
November 10th 2021

It was always started on Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 10th 2021. The whole day we spent just to pack our belongings and had peaceful moment for ourselves before we went to survey a long list of village.

The sun had risen for a brand new day, a new sub-team consists of ECe, Alvin and I started our journey just before midday from Rawa Kepi Port to Kampung Yame, Yakomi driven by Pak Heri and Pak Nor using Speedboat-85. It took us Four hours to transit on Kampung Bade, Edera to purchase crucial needs and foods for our week-long trip. I prayed Dzuhr on the boat and Ashr on Masjid Al-Huda Bade. We then continue the so called water-trip to reach Kampung Yame, Yakomi that we arrived there just before Maghrib.

I thought we met KADIS Yakomi district first and rested, however KADIS-pak Roby got very excited and introduced Kampung Yame to us right away. Locals and Kepala Kampung Yame joined us to wonder the village until it’s time to dinner. Pak Robby gave us two rooms to sleep and served us an enormous Gurame fish. Got full did not mean we turned into couch potato, we compile the information we’ve got included the inventarization of LTSHE from Kampung Yame with Pak Roby company. Got rested just before midnight.

I was so comfortable to live in Kampung Yame, it has a lot of potential from its nature from an open wide access to fishing at Digul river and their plantation like Sagu, coconut tree, Manggo tree etc. its people who mostly participated with patriots during our survey. Its school and the staff who cares the longing of student activity. Kampung Yame also have their own PUSKESMAS and I saw teacher from GPDT Program that was muslimah too, that was why I settled my decision to live in Kampung Yame for a year. Moreover, though there were a lot of dogs around the area but pigs had not came to the surface.

Since the beginning of PE2021 program, what I concern the most was Thaharah and Safety for a woman. What I thought the best for me was to find a place with a good water resources and at least One Muslimah friends so I could feel secured in terms of ibadah and lived as a muslim.