A Thread in Mappi Region - Part II...

Penulis: Ratu Atikah, 05 April 2022
November 6th 2021

Saturday, November 6th 2021 at 7 Indonesian East Time, with La Ode, Bulan and Sri. Four of us went to Mopah international airport and ready for our next destination, Kota Kepi, Mappi. Mang Iwan contact his junior in Kota Kepi to find us a rental car and pick us up, ECe also contacted Pak Carlos, the one who work in authorization and suggest Guest House Pemda for us to rest our night in Kota Kepi. I would say world were going easy on us and I appreciate that in the whole next level. With all great things happened, we could rest on the weekend and continue to visit Mappi Government departments on Monday, the day after we visited POLRES, PUSKEMAS, and Dinas Kesehatan of Kabupaten Mappi, then we visited Kantor Distrik Obaa-Kota Kepi-Mappi, Dinas Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Kampung to find KADIS contact number of every villages, ECe and Alvin had arrived also in Mappi, by then we finally met Pak Carlos and team to discuss Team Mappi Hepi transportation to villages in Mappi.

Pak Carlos offered us a great strategy, he had a permission from local government to subsidize our boat’s fuel, so six of us only purchase the rent of Two boats and 4 drivers for several bull to visit 18 villages in a week, it did felt like we’ve saved a lot of bucks. Little did I know, every yin has it yang, every goods always paired with bad deeds, from what I’ve heard, with in our agreement, there always be the one who try to make their own needs, what could I said it in a manner? Corruption maybe.